Mice Out Of Your Bed

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Bed? With 19 Useful Ways 

You’ve spotted mice in your bed, but you’re not sure how to keep mice out of your bedroom. Rat-bite is delicious. You don’t want to be bitten when you’re asleep. Rat droppings, in addition to bites, are a cause of sickness. The cause of death is thought to be rat urine. There are several methods for getting rid of mice in your bedroom. When you notice mice in your home, expel them as soon as possible since the rats will grow if left unchecked. Mice are notorious for their fast reproduction, thus they must be dealt with immediately. Expel or capture the biggest breeders as soon as possible. This way, it can inhibit the reproduction of these vexing creatures.

Can Mice Climb Walls And Ceilings?

After finding evidence of mouse activity in high-up locations in their homes, many homeowners ask, “Can mice scale ceilings and walls?” Although mice can’t overcome gravity by crawling across ceilings as roaches can, evidence of mice in high places indicates that mice can, at least somewhat, climb walls.

These rodents can climb textured or angled walls and jump surprisingly far distances. They can also fairly easily climb ropes and curtains, which is another way they might gain access to those high places in your house.

Therefore, a homeowner might have found mouse droppings on top of a cabinet or a mouse hole that is closer to the ceiling than the floor, for example. A wall’s top may also have greasy, discolored tracks left by rodents who have been moving along cabinetry, rafters, or crown molding while rubbing up against the wall.

Why mice and rats chose to live in their home as opposed to someone else’s is a question that many homeowners ask, often out of frustration.

What Attracts Mice And Rats Into Your House?

Many people who discover rodent activity in their homes, attics, or garages are curious about what draws mice and rats there and how to keep them out. Some key reasons why rodents might enter your home include:

You Haven’t Tidied Up In A While

Mice are drawn to places where food has been left out on counters or stovetops, crumbs have not been cleaned up, and garbage cans have been allowed to overflow. Mice are not picky eaters and will happily consume anything you exclude.

There Is Water

Mice must have easy access to water in order to survive, just like they need food. Mice and other pests may gather anywhere in your home where water collects, such as in pet water bowls or from leaking pipes.

It’s More Comfortable Than Outside

For mice to build their nests, reproduce, and survive, they also need access to food and water as well as a cozy, warm place to live. The exterior of your home should be free of any cracks or holes that could serve as entryways for mice to enter your walls and eventually your interior living space.

Mice are good at fitting through surprisingly small openings. In actuality, a fully grown mouse can squeeze through a dime-sized opening.

Although some people think of mice as being relatively harmless or even cute, these unwelcome guests actually pose a serious threat to our loved ones, including our pets. It is well known that mice can transmit serious diseases like salmonella and hantavirus to humans.

Additionally, mice-borne diseases like Lyme disease can be spread to people by the fleas and ticks that live on mice. And despite their small size, mice can be a serious problem when they invade a home.

Mice can cause significant damage when they chew through drywall, PVC pipes, or even electrical wiring because, like other rodents, they must gnaw frequently to keep their continuously erupting front teeth filed down.

Additionally, their feces and urine may contain dangerous bacteria and viruses that could sicken humans and animals. These substances soak through floors and ceilings if they are not cleaned thoroughly, causing expensive property damage that must be repaired.

You might be concerned about what would happen if your cat ate a rodent because of the diseases that these animals can carry.

How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Bed?

Make Certain That Your Room Is Clean

This process is as straightforward as it seems. When dealing with pests of any type, cleanliness is essential. This is due to the fact that insects and rodents flourish in cluttered and filthy surroundings. You should ensure that you clean your bedroom on a regular basis.

Clean Up After Yourself

Pick up all of your clothing from the floor and place them where they belong. If there is trash on the floor, pick it up and place it in a trash can. If you have a garbage can, empty it on a regular basis.

Everything has to be put away and cleaned up, including empty boxes and plastic bags. Believe me, the additional labor is for your own benefit.

Do you frequently eat in your bedroom? If this is the case, make sure you pick up your dishes and place them in the kitchen rather of leaving them on your bedroom floor. Even better, don’t eat in your room. (OK, I realize you don’t have a choice if you live in a studio apartment, but the idea is to do yourself a favor and clean up after yourself!)

Dust The Area

Another thing to keep in mind is to dust on a regular basis. This entails just cleaning out all of your surfaces with a rag. Check the edges of your bed, below your bed, and around your windows and doors.

Finally, make sure that any cobwebs in the room are removed.

Organize The Rest Of Your Home

You should also ensure that your home is clean. You can’t expect to tidy your bedroom and ignore the rest of the house. If the mice are still scurrying about in another section of the home, you won’t be able to keep them out of your room.

Apply the same guidelines that we did while cleaning your room when cleaning your house. Always make an effort to keep your surroundings tidy. You don’t want to solve the problem just to return to being dirty and have to deal with it all over again.

Overall, make sure you are routinely cleaning, sweeping, vacuuming, washing dishes, and doing whatever else is necessary since mice dislike clean environments. Clean environments mean no food for them, therefore they will pack their belongings and depart.


Get Rid Of Waste

Mice and rats may be drawn to homes with exposed and overflowing garbage cans. This is because they have the opportunity to enter and exit trashcans during times of hunger in order to sample food for themselves.

Remember that mice are not choosy eaters; they eat whatever is available. This is why rodent specialists say that regular garbage disposal is a smart place to start in the fight against house mice.

Trash cans should always be firmly covered to keep rats out, even if they are only halfway full. Additionally, ensure that all food waste is properly disposed of in trash cans and that no crumbs are left lying around.

Avoid Eating In Bed

Eating in bed is a guaranteed method to attract mice to your bedroom. These rodents have a keen sense of smell and will not hesitate to approach regions where they might locate food.

No matter how careful you are, there is always a chance that you may leave food crumbs on your bed. The best way out is to avoid nibbling in bed, no matter how tempting it seems.

If you can’t stop eating in bed, make sure to clean up after yourself and change your linens on a regular basis.

Check That Your Bed Linens Are Not Touching The Floor

The title, once again, says it all. When making your bed, just tuck the bedsheets under the mattress. If you have a long comforter that reaches the floor, fold it neatly and place it on your bed instead of letting it dangle to the floor.

You don’t want your bed sheet or comforter to touch the ground because mice can use it as a ladder to climb on top of your bed. You may avoid this by tucking and folding the bedsheet and comforter.

Reposition Your Bed Away From The Wall

Move the bed away from the wall because mice can climb it. This is especially true if your wall has a rough texture that will aid in their grasp. As a result, relocating the bed away from the wall will make it much more difficult for them to climb up onto your bed.

Food, Including Pet Food, Should Be Sealed

Leaving food out in the open might attract a swarm of mice. When hungry, these critters will not mind biting through packaged food. Foods that can attract mice on kitchen countertops and other open locations include cereal, pet food, and snacks.

The only way out is to ensure that all foods in the house are properly sealed when not in use. If you want to keep mice out permanently, avoid leaving them out in the open after usage.

Mousetraps Should Be Set Up

Mousetraps may be an excellent way to catch and remove these mice from your house. They come in a variety of varieties with differing degrees of success, so it is up to you to choose which type will work best for you.

Set the traps in locations where mice tend to roam and hide for the best results. In my experience, placing a trap at the kitchen’s entrance, as well as near the stove and kitchen sink, can be an effective technique to catch mice.

If you find these animals in your bedroom, don’t be afraid to install some traps around the entrance and beneath the bed. Some of the most common types of mousetraps are:

  • Traps for catch and release
  • Traps for glue
  • Traps with snaps
  • Traps that use electricity

Snap Mouse Traps

This is the traditional wooden device with the metal spring trap in which you set a piece of cheese and when the mice arrive to grab the cheese, it comes forth and BAM the mouse is trapped. Unfortunately, this is not the case since A. Mice dislike cheese and B. 90% of the time, these wooden things don’t operate as they should.

There have recently been many upgrades to these snap mouse traps, and the technology has progressed to the point where they really function if the correct bait is placed in them. The design of the snap traps has also evolved dramatically, becoming more user-friendly.

Glue Trap

This is exactly what it sounds like. It is usually little pieces of plastic or cardboard with highly sticky adhesive on them, and when the mice tread on it, they become stuck and voila. So, if you are not terrified of mice and are prepared to release them once they are captured, this is an excellent trap to employ.

Mice Out Of Your Bed

This is exactly what it sounds like. It is usually little pieces of plastic or cardboard with highly sticky adhesive on them, and when the mice tread on it, they become stuck, and voila. So, if you are not terrified of mice and are prepared to release them once they are captured, this is an excellent trap to employ.

Simply take the mouse trap outside, pour some oil on it, and carefully remove the mice away from the trap to release them outside. Wear rubber gloves while doing this to avoid being bitten.

If you are the kind who will be unable to execute the above, consider an alternative trap. Because you will kill the mice by depriving them of food and water rather than killing them instantly as other mice traps do.

Catch And Release Traps 

Again, as the name implies, you capture the mice alive and then release them into the wild. These are virtually cage-like structures that are baited with a tempting lure. When the mice go inside, the door closes and the mice become imprisoned.

Electric Traps 

Of course, there is an electric mousetrap; we are, after all, in the technological age, so no surprise there! These sorts of traps are considered a humane technique to get rid of mice since once the mice enter the trap, they have no way out and are killed by electric shock.

I believe that some people’s definitions of humane differ from mine. However, this is one method for getting rid of mice in your house.

Repair Any Holes, Cracks, Or Crevices In Your Room

Mice have been observed to fit through the tiniest holes you’d expect anything to pass through. Some people believe that if a pencil can fit through a hole, so can a mouse. So, as you can see, it is critical that you regularly maintain or repair your property.

This includes fixing holes and sealing cracks and gaps not only in your bedroom but also throughout your home. Don’t offer mice any entrance points because there is a clear association between their entering your house or room and getting on your bed.

Mice frequently enter your home through the small crevices between your main entrance and the door frame. Mice, as previously said, can squeeze through a small opening. You may solve this problem by purchasing a door sweep. The issue was resolved.

A door sweep is a long strip of cloth that goes beneath your door to fill the space between the bottom of the door and the threshold. This can be fashioned of a variety of materials. The plastic variant resembles a squeegee. Other types of door sweeps are constructed of sponge or brush-like material.

Having this beneath your door has numerous advantages; it not only keeps rats out, but it also keeps other pests and dust out. It can also keep warm or chilly air from escaping.

Anyway, the idea is that if mice cannot access your room, there will be no mice trying to climb on your bed. This should be enough encouragement for you to get a-fixing!

Utilize Essential Oils

Mice, it appears, have a significant dislike of strong odors. This implies that we may use essential oils to keep them from getting near, let alone on, your bed.

Peppermint oil is the most prevalent oil that some claim works. You may put peppermint essential oil in a spray bottle and spray it about your bed. Make careful not to spray it too much because it can cause skin irritation and be too powerful for you.

Just make sure you spray enough to be pleasant to you while still being apparent enough to keep mice away from your bed.

Get A Cat

It may appear to be a joke, but it is not. Cats are well-known for their ability to catch mice. And if you’ve done everything else and still have a problem, it might be time to try a cat. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of numbers 1 through 8, a cat is your best bet.

And if your cat does not enjoy hunting (or is outwitted by the mice, for my Tom and Jerry lovers), at the very least you will have a company in the form of a cat. Not all is lost.

There Are No Leaking Pipes Or Drainage Issues

If your property has leaking pipes and symptoms of drainage issues, it’s no surprise if you’re dealing with mouse infestations. These mice use such holes to infiltrate dwellings, nest, and breed in order to increase their number.

Leaking pipes can also provide rats with a decent source of drinking water, allowing them to thrive in your house as long as they have enough food to consume.

In a matter of months, the entire house might be infested with mice. Check for leaky problems on a regular basis and attempt to solve them as soon as possible to keep mice and rats away.

Make Contact With An Exterminator

Finally, if everything else fails, contact the pros, who will take care of the situation for you.

There are numerous exterminators that can do this for you; just make sure that when you hire someone to come work in your house, they are a respectable company. With all of the recent scams, you don’t want to just call on whoever is the cheapest. Always put safety first. In fact, you can use our exterminator search engine to get free quotations from properly vetted exterminators in your region.

Mice, in general, do not sleep on beds. This only occurs if you have a significant infestation problem, in which case you must address the issue immediately. Aside from being unclean, mice carry infections, and if you’re not careful, you can catch something.

Apart from spreading illnesses, mice may also inflict significant damage due to their ability to eat through materials. They can easily chew through cereal boxes, furniture, cables, and so on.


When you discover large populations of these rodents in the home, keeping mice out of the bedroom may appear difficult. However, it is not difficult if you keep your bedroom tidy, avoid eating in bed, and get rid of clutter.

Sharing a bed with a pet cat, placing mousetraps throughout the house, and introducing mouse repellents such as peppermint oil can all help.

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