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9 Best Telescoping Ladders in 2022

You might want to look into the best telescoping ladders if you’re sick of carrying around bulky, traditional ladders. In this article, we rank the top nine telescoping ladders so you can pick the one you like best.

With the help of telescoping ladders, you can achieve an extension ladder’s height without the hassle of carrying and storing one because they extend in steps of one foot. They are made of aluminum, extend up to about 10 feet, and then collapse to a size that can be carried under one arm.

The majority of the widely used telescoping ladders use a variety of safety mechanisms in addition to extendable height settings. This contributes significantly to the design’s overall durability, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor tasks.

We’ve compiled our findings in the guide below for your convenience. Read our telescopic ladder reviews, then take a look around.

Best Telescoping Ladders

Best Overall: Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder

Xtend & Climb Telescoping Ladder

This telescopic ladder can handle medium-sized tasks, like hanging wall decor in a foyer or painting above a door frame, thanks to its 15-foot maximum height.

En131 certification confirms that this telescoping ladder complies with safety requirements for strength, toughness, security, and other factors.

Along with holding you and your tools securely, it has a high weight capacity of 330 pounds, is waterproof, and is corrosion-resistant so it can withstand harsh weather.

Best Handling: WolfWise Aluminum Telescopic Extension Multipurpose Ladder

WolfWise Aluminum Telescopic Extension Multipurpose Ladder

With a one-button extension and retraction system, this telescoping ladder is simple to lengthen and shorten. Because of its three-foot closed size and lightweight 23-pound weight, it is also simple to carry.

This telescoping ladder’s 12.5-foot maximum height makes it suitable for medium-height tasks around your house, like cleaning gutters.

Additionally, it can support 330 pounds of weight, so it can support both your weight and the weight of any supplies you bring up with you.

Best for Medium Tasks: ARCHOM Telescopic Ladder

ARCHOM Telescopic Ladder

This telescopic ladder can handle medium-sized tasks, like hanging wall decor in a foyer or painting above a door frame, thanks to its 15-foot maximum height.

For strength, durability, safety, and other reasons, this telescoping ladder has earned EN131 certification.

It is waterproof and corrosion-resistant to withstand extreme weather and has a high weight capacity of 330 pounds to hold you and your tools.

Best for Indoor Tasks: Ohuhu Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Ohuhu Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

This ladder is ideal for indoor tasks like reaching cabinets above your refrigerator or adjusting a ceiling fan because it has a shorter maximum height of 8.5 feet. Its non-slip end caps will help it stay put on your floor as well.

When folded up, this 8.5-foot extension ladder only measures 2.5 feet. Instead of pressing buttons on each rung, you can easily close it by pressing the two buttons on its lower rungs. It weighs only 17 pounds and is also strong enough to support 330 pounds.

Best Multipurpose Ladder: Bowoshen Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder

Bowoshen Aluminum Telescoping Extension Ladder

This telescoping ladder can be used in almost any situation by using it straight while leaning against a wall or as an A-frame ladder.

With its maximum height of 16.5 feet when used as an extension ladder or 8.2 feet when used as an A-frame ladder, this product can handle any tasks around your home.

It can also support up to 330 pounds, according to the rating.

Best Bang for the Buck: Gorilla Ladders 18 Ft. MPXA Multi-Position Ladder

Gorilla Ladders 18 Ft. MPXA Multi-Position Ladder

When it comes to multiposition ladders, Gorilla’s adaptable telescoping ladder offers fantastic value. On a single 18-foot ladder, users have access to 20 adjustable positions.

We extended it to its full 18-foot height to climb to the roof, and we used it on steps and sloping ground.

We discovered that the Gorilla is stable in every position and can also be adjusted to create a double-sided step ladder. Numerous features found on more expensive multiposition ladders are available here.

Best Light-Duty: Toolitin Telescoping Ladder, 8.5FT

Toolitin Telescoping Ladder, 8.5FT

We don’t believe that the Type IAA rating for the Toolitin ladder, which states that it should support 375 pounds, is accurate. It’s a cute little ladder that could hold up to 155 pounds while still feeling secure, but when fully extended, it flexed a little and bowed slightly inward. For people who weigh less than 200 pounds, but not more, we feel confident recommending it.

This ladder retracts quickly, and the extension and retraction motions are both soft and smooth. To lower the ladder, we simply had to press both of the buttons on the bottom rung. This is a lot faster than some other ladders, which call for lowering each rung individually. No slipping occurred when we used the ladder on a ceramic tile floor thanks to the non-slip feet.

Best Value: Lifewit 12.5ft Telescoping Ladder

Lifewit 12.5ft Telescoping Ladder

Buyers who are closely monitoring their budget will find the Lifewit to be a fantastic option. Although this tool is a little bit shorter than the previous two that we examined, its 12.5 feet of length should still allow you to access the roofs of most houses.

Much more can be said about this tool than just how much it costs. The weight capacity of 330 pounds should be adequate for the majority of users, and just like the previous two tools we’ve seen, you still get durable aluminum alloy materials.

The tool can be made to be very small as well. It is very simple to store and transport because the ladder collapses to only 4 feet.

Best Capacity: Hausse Telescoping-Ladder

Hausse Telescoping-Ladder

A sturdy telescoping ladder from Hausse with a 330-pound weight capacity provides a distinctive option for the top. The Hausse ladder has detachable hooks that can be placed at the very top to help secure your ladder, unlike most ladders that simply lean against a structure for support.

This weighs only 27 pounds and collapses to a height of just under 3 feet, which puts it on the lighter end of the scale.

When attempting to extend this ladder, a problem was found. It was necessary to manually move some sections because they wouldn’t extend. This was more of an inconvenience than anything else, but it might grow on you.

Buyers’ Guide for Telescoping Multi-Use Ladders

Extendable ladders are no exception to the fact that technological advancements have impacted every aspect of our lives.

You are about to give in to the temptation to buy a telescoping ladder due to its rising popularity and practical use. However, you may become perplexed due to the vast array of choices and features that set telescoping ladders apart from one another.

In order to assist you in choosing the best product from the rack, we have compiled a list of considerations that you should keep in mind.

Continue reading as we list the most crucial factors to take into account before parting with your hard-earned money.

Material of the Ladder

The majority of the compact telescoping ladders are either made of professional-grade aluminum alloy or pure aluminum. But aluminum is a good conductor of electricity. Thus, if you intend to work close to high-voltage sources, we advise choosing a non-aluminum body.

Height of the Ladder

The luxury of adjustable height settings is offered by the majority of telescoping ladders. This feature is especially helpful for new users who might not be sure of the exact height of the ladder. We advise choosing a less expensive, telescoping ladder with fewer height settings if you are certain of the exact height to which the ladder will be extended.

Weight of the Ladder

the best telescoping ladders

Instead of the conventional, heavy models that were previously available, many users now favor lightweight telescoping ladders. Even today, some of the most adaptable ladders may be built with a heavyweight structure. A heavier model that can be split into two or more ladders is advised if portability is not a major concern.

Portability of the Ladder

Users who do not want to spend money on separate telescoping ladders for various purposes are better suited to the portable options. If you plan to use the ladder for both personal and professional purposes, we advise investing in a lightweight ladder with wheels.

Maintenance of the Ladder

A lot of telescoping ladders have a variety of extra features that help them withstand the challenges of daily, demanding tasks. One such feature is the ability of the surface to resist corrosion.

We advise choosing a telescoping ladder with special features to increase its useful life if you view them as a one-time investment and don’t want to spend a lot of time or money on ladder maintenance.

Price of the Ladder

There is no guarantee that a ladder will be more effective just because it costs more. The same is true for lower prices; they do not necessarily imply lower quality. However, there will inevitably be some exceptions to both of these factors.

There is no shortage of accessible, multipurpose telescoping ladders that can handle a variety of tasks. The same number of features are available in a slightly more expensive product, though.

Automatic Vs. Manual Ladders

It should go without saying that every telescoping ladder strives to ensure a secure user experience. Some models only allow for two or three safety mechanisms, while others may have a slightly higher number. Regardless of the figure, the primary concern for every brand and model should be user safety.

The extension and retraction processes no longer necessitate minute user attention thanks to the invention of automatic telescoping ladders. However, many models still use the manual extension and retraction mechanisms despite having a strong frame for flexible use.

the best telescoping ladders

We advise buying an automatic ladder for better safety if you do not want to put a lot of time and effort into making sure the ladder steps are locked and unlocked. However, manual ladders are preferable for users who don’t mind paying closer attention to secure the rungs in place.

Safety Rating

The primary consideration when selecting a ladder is safety, as we’ve repeatedly stated. The good news is that it’s possible to determine with certainty just how safe a collapsible ladder really is.

Reputation shouldn’t be taken at face value. See what one of many organizations has to say about the ladder’s safety rating by checking their website.

The European Safety System holds products to European safety standards while the ANSI provides ratings for American consumers. The OSHA also rates product safety for prospective buyers.

Simply put, if a product does not receive a high safety rating from one of these organizations, it is not going to be worthwhile to buy it.

How Do I Safely Use My Telescoping Ladder?

Here are some safety tips for using a telescoping ladder:

  • Put on closed-toed footwear that won’t slide off your feet.
  • Make sure the ladder is in good working order by checking it out before each use.
  • To improve your grip while climbing, put on some work gloves.
  • To climb the ladder, use at least one hand.
  • Use a belt hook, lanyard, or another method to attach the items to your body if you need to carry more than one item up the ladder.


How Do You Know What Size Telescoping Ladder You Will Need?

The ideal length for DIY projects and repairs around the house is a 12-foot telescoping ladder. Longer ladders are made with professionals in mind.

Which is Better, a Fiberglass Or An Aluminum Telescoping Ladder?

The least corrosive material and the lightest option is aluminum. But one of the best metals for conducting electricity is this one. Therefore, avoid using metal ladders when working around or close to electrical lines.

Aluminum is heavier than fiberglass ladders, but fiberglass ladders are stronger and more adaptable. You can use a fiberglass ladder for both electrical and non-electrical purposes because the material is non-conductive.

What is the Tallest Telescoping Ladder Available?

The tallest telescoping ladder is about 26 feet high, but that height is usually only required for construction professionals and is only available in multiposition options.

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