how to store fireworks

How to Store Fireworks Safely? 6 Ways

You are preparing for a big event, but you are aware that properly storing your fireworks poses the greatest risk. Don’t worry; we’ll explain the fundamental guidelines for safely storing fireworks at home so that you don’t accidentally set your building on fire.

We enjoy bonfire night just as much as the next person, but what happens when there are excess fireworks? On November 6, you couldn’t set them off. That is crazy talk. No, you’re going to save those extra fireworks for the following year because you’re a wise person. They will be grateful to you today for saving them some money next year!

To learn how to best store all of your rockets, wheels, and sparklers, you’ve come to the experts in fireworks storage. Even though fireworks are one of our favorite pyrotechnic devices, they can be very dangerous if not used properly.

In order to store Hazard Type 4 fireworks safely and legally, you must obtain a license if you possess more than 50 kg of them. Here are 5 suggestions for storing fireworks safely.

How to Safely Store Fireworks?

Store fireworks outside of your home, at 125 °F maximum temperatures, away from the living areas, in a locked, humidity-resistant secured storage, away from other explosives. To keep fireworks fresh for up to ten years, completely wrap them in plastic bags.

Here are some ideas for how to store fireworks securely.

No Sources of Ignition Present

The first and most important step is to make sure there are no sources of ignition present in the area you choose to store fireworks. As a result, you should not store fireworks close to kerosene, gasoline, or any other kind of fuel.

Additionally, keep them away from electric or gas heaters when storing them. Don’t forget about less common igniters like drain cleaners and fertilizers. Since this is one of the most typical locations for homeowners to store these fuels, it is obvious that the garage isn’t the best place to keep your fireworks.

Keep Them Covered

You must shield fireworks from the elements wherever you store them. If you bought them new, one of the best ways to do this is to store them in their boxes, inside of plastic tubs with fitted lids.

This may aid in preventing the fireworks from becoming wet while being stored. You don’t want anything to spill on them because this could increase the risk of ignition and cause the fireworks to lose some of their effectiveness.

Use a Metal Or Plastic Storage Container

At all costs, avoid using plastic bags or cardboard boxes. A metal container is your best bet for preventing items from entering and exiting. Plastic containers are the next best thing if you don’t have any metal ones. To prevent any damage to your fireworks, try to avoid overpacking as well.

Secure Your Storage

how to store fireworks

Please keep out of children’s reach who might be curious. And if possible, use a lock to protect your fireworks. Eliminate all temptations to prevent unauthorized access to any resources.

Store in a Cool, Dry Place

Both extreme temperatures should be avoided where you store your fireworks. The ideal environment for preserving your fireworks and preventing unintentional ignition is a cool, dry place. Throw away your fireworks right away if they end up getting wet or damp.

How Long Do Fireworks Last?

When people discover a large number of fireworks they purchased a few years ago but have yet to use, they frequently ask this question. Naturally, the first consideration is whether or not they are still safe to fire.

On the one hand, fireworks (of any kind) don’t have a set period of use, so there is no need to worry that they won’t be used in time.

However, there is always another side to a coin, and if we flip it over, we can see that sometimes firecrackers cannot explode properly or do not work at all.

Does this imply that they have expired? No is the most common response.

The fireworks may have been damaged due to improper storage, which is the only explanation for such occurrences. Naturally, it is not a good idea to use broken fireworks for security reasons because they may detonate dangerously.

The duration of fireworks When stored at 125°F maximum temperatures in dry, humidity-resistant, secure storage, fireworks last for a maximum of 10 years. Fireworks only last for two years if they are kept in cardboard boxes, plastic bags, or areas that are exceeding 125 degrees Fahrenheit.

Have Protection on Your Hand

Building and using fireworks requires a high level of precision. An explosion that can be extremely significant and damaging can result from a minor error or oversight. In conclusion, you must take all necessary precautions to control a fire should it start if you intend to store fireworks at your residence or place of business.

This entails making sure there are open exits from the room in several directions, keeping a fire extinguisher on hand, and even installing fire-safe doors to safeguard your home.

Additionally, you should be certain that you understand how to use the fire extinguisher. Spend some time explaining to family members what you are keeping in storage, why there is a risk, and what to do in the event of an emergency.

how to store fireworks

How to Dispose of Expired Salutes?

Imagine that you recently purchased a pack of firecrackers, but a large portion of them remained unlit. It goes without saying that you didn’t throw them away in the hopes of using the bangers later. What if, however, you discovered that they are malfunctioning?

In this situation, the only course of action will be to safely dispose of the fireworks. The same action must be taken if you notice that the bangers came into contact with water or that their dye is bleeding, both of which are indications of damage.

You might wonder how to dispose of really dated or broken bangers.

  • Never discard them in the garbage to prevent fire hazards!
  • Make them inert first by “drowning” the bangers before discarding them. The explosives can be neutralized by submerging them in water for 48 hours. Such inert fireworks can be thrown out with your regular trash, but the water shouldn’t be flushed down the toilet because it poses a risk!
  • Please feel free to set the bangers off rather than throw them away if they are outdated but can still be used safely.

Whichever route you take, make sure you and your family don’t get near the firecrackers when they go off!


Where is the Best Place to Keep Fireworks?

When it comes to storing extra fireworks, it’s recommended to place them in a cool, dry area. Never set off fireworks in a garage or a basement because those places can get very hot. Fireworks can last for years if they are stored properly, according to Hoffman Family Fireworks’ co-owner.

Should Fireworks Be Stored at a Certain Temperature?

The main thing to remember is to keep them in cool, dry places. Keep your fireworks’ temperatures under 130 degrees. A hot garage, attic, or vehicle should not be used to store them. They shouldn’t heat up excessively and catch fire.

Should You Store Fireworks in Your House?

Keep the fireworks away from the living areas of your house and outside. An enclosed storage building is ideal. Be careful where you store fireworks because keeping them dry is crucial. Fireworks should be tightly wrapped in sealed plastic bags if you must store them in a moist environment, such as a basement, greenhouse, or attic.

Can Fireworks Explode Without Being Lit?

The most crucial point to keep in mind is that for the explosion to occur, all consumer fireworks must be ignited. As a result, fireworks won’t just spontaneously ignite. Since it needs an ignition source to always be exposed to the fuse, the firework won’t ignite in extremely hot conditions.

How to Safely Store Fireworks in Summer?

Find a cool, shaded location that is not overly humid where you can keep them because keeping them out of the heat is your main concern.

Conclusion: Store Your Fireworks in a Safe Place

You’re all set for your upcoming fireworks extravaganza now that you know how to store your fireworks. Just be sure to use them responsibly as always!

The good news is that as long as you purchase fireworks from a dependable vendor and treat them properly, you shouldn’t experience any problems. Since different types of fireworks have different needs, you must, of course, make sure you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use and storage.

Finally, by properly storing your fireworks, you can make sure they will work properly on the big day.

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