How Long Do Gnats Live?

You’re playing a household cookout at the top of summer. The burgers are on the grill, the children are enjoying and you’re knocking returned a bloodless one. Everything looks best — till a swarm of gnats arrives. You can also be thinking about how long something as small as a gnat would possibly live. A creature of this dimension can’t perhaps stay for long, can it? How lengthy do gnats stay after all? What is their lifestyle cycle like, from opening to end?  

In this article, we will talk about the lifespan of the frequent gnat. We will study what their existence cycle is like, as properly as how their existence cycle. Let’s get started out now.

How Long Do Gnats Live?

Gnats live a common of one week’s time. Their existence span is at once affected by means of temperature, as a hotter climate helps gnats stay barely longer. However, most bugs of this dimension can’t stay extra than two weeks in total.

The entirety of a gnat’s lifespan, from egg to adulthood, takes around one month. However, they are solely entirely grown gnats for a week or so, which means the relaxation of their existence cycle takes up the relaxation of that time.

Most of the time, gnats lay their eggs in the soil, each indoors and out. They opt for the hotter local weather of the interior of your home, however, can’t deal with temperatures that get too warm either. They can’t fly especially well, so final shut to the plant life that they had been born in is something that most gnats try for.  

The Average Gnat Life Cycle

  • Egg

A girl gnat lays thousands of eggs at a time, generally in natural cloth such as soil or plant matter. If prerequisites are favorable at any place the gnat laid her eggs, they will possibly hatch in 5 days or less. However, in chillier temperatures, gnat eggs may also want over a week earlier than they are prepared to hatch.

Laying eggs in soil or natural cloth is an integral section of the gnat lifestyles cycle. This will enable the larva to devour sufficient vitamins whilst they develop and pupate. There are many special generations of gnats throughout a single year, as they constantly breed.  

  • Larva

Dependent on their species, gnats lay their eggs in exceptional places — the fungus gnat in soil, midges in water, and eye-gnats in the sand.

Research suggests that, notwithstanding the extraordinary familial groups, they produce a comparable wide variety of ova — normally between 200 and 400.

These eggs are round, much less than one-tenth of an inch in diameter, and can vary from pure white to dark brown. After six days, the eggs hatch.

  • Pupa

Gnat larvae are voracious eaters, eating sizable quantities of meals to develop and save the power for their pupation stage.

Their foods of desire rely on the species. Fungus gnats, as the title suggests, commonly devour fungi in moist soil. If you have them in your houseplants, they can frequently consume the roots of younger and immature plants.

For gnat larvae dwelling underwater, they munch via rotting debris, however equally, come to be nutrition themselves, being a delicacy for fish.

The larval stage commonly encompasses about two weeks. Studies exhibit that in sure prerequisites — such as lack of meals or significantly bloodless water — this can take as long as 4 weeks.

  • Adult

The grownup gnat emerges from the pupa, dries out its body, and can then fly.

Almost immediately, they’re sexually mature, which means that they can mate and then create a second generation. A completely grown gnat will spend its quick lifestyles breeding and in any other case eating plant matter. More eggs will be laid, many completely grown gnats will perish as they fly around, and detrimental temperature stipulations will notably have an effect on the lifespan of a person’s gnat.


Factors Affecting the Lifespan of a Gnat


Gnats are most ample all through the duration of hotter weather, generally early spring via to late summer, regularly viewed from May to August. Geographical vicinity performs its part; these in the Western and Southern states will ‘enjoy’ an extra prolonged gnat season.

A cold climate can equally have an effect on the lifespan of a gnat. Contrary to what you may additionally believe, it doesn’t continually make it shorter — it can elongate it. Scientists provide an explanation that gnats include antifreeze proteins, defending them from icy prerequisites that would in any other case quit their life. Gnat adults are nonetheless in a position to reproduce and lay eggs.

Access to Food and Water

Gnats have two matters on their minds — intercourse and nourishment. As they cling round together, intercourse isn’t generally a problem. It’s akin to being in a nightclub, 24/7.

Nourishment is an issue, though. Without ample get admission to meals or water, they’ll die or relocate.

Depending on their species, gnats eat decaying vegetable matter, different bugs, or plants. If these flying critters are a problem in your domestic or garden, eliminating their meals and water sources is regularly a wonderful technique for decreasing their numbers — and their lifespan.


In some areas of Europe, insect numbers, which include gnats, have declined by seventy-two percent — in the USA, with the aid of forty percent. Scientists blame this discount on the overuse of pesticides, the abundance of monoculture, and habitat destruction.

Gnats can certainly be annoying. However, they’re additionally especially tremendous pollinators, fundamental for our meals crops.

How fast do gnats multiply?

Gnats stay for about 7-10 days. The credit score eggs in any moist location like the moist soil flooring or even in cracks in the soil. Female gnats lay as a great deal as 100-300 eggs in batches of 2-30 in each viable decaying natural rely present on. The eggs hatch in solely 4 to six days and the gnat larvae are fed for nearly two weeks. Gnat larvae are hardly ever visible. It appears easy and shiny, white or semi-transparent oval.


The complete lifespan of a gnat takes around forty days; however, as an adult, they don’t experience tons greater than ten days to indulge in copy and eating. Preventing Fungus gnats can be as easy as no longer over-watering indoor plant life or else tossing away infested plants. However, this approach may also no longer work in each and every case.

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