Put A Grill On A Deck

Can You Put A Grill On A Deck? Don’t Do That!

A bustling backyard barbecue is the best way to bring people together. Despite the fact that your outdoor deck may be the ideal location for outdoor entertaining, it is not always the best choice for smoking summertime favorites like savory sausages and shrimp skewers. You might be wondering if it’s possible to install a grill on a deck. It may be acceptable to store a grill on your deck, but lighting it and using it there could be dangerous for you and other people. You will understand why after reading this article.

Can You Put A Grill On A Deck

Grills should never be placed on wooden decks.

While it might seem like the ideal location for your grill on your deck to be out of the reach of your children and animals, doing so might be riskier than you think.

Grilling on a deck is not secure. The main cause is the embers that come from grills. These embers can be hot, and they can easily ignite nearby materials like the deck’s wood tiles.

The Dangers Of A Grill On The Deck

Fire Danger

On a wooden deck, using a grill can result in unintentional fires. Wood deck boards or railings could catch fire from sparks. The threat posed by stray sparks can increase in windy conditions.

If you plan to grill on a wooden deck, keep a fire extinguisher close by and keep a close eye on the grill and the area around it at all times.

Natural Dangers

Some backyard decks are situated close to trees, vines, branches, and leaves that could easily catch fire if they came into contact with the grill, flames, or another hot surface.

Even if you maintain a well-kept yard, you have no control over when a falling leaf or an overhanging dry branch will end up on or close to the grill.

If a deck grill is positioned too close to the eaves on the house or the siding, these areas could also present fire risks. For grilling, concrete patios that are far from trees and bushes are ideal.

Put A Grill On A Deck

Propane Leaks

When the lines are improperly threaded, propane grills can be hazardous to use on decks. Wooden deck floorboards and railings frequently catch fire as a result of propane leaks because they are highly ignitable and can cause fires and explosions.

While residents should exercise caution when using propane grills anywhere, concrete surfaces away from buildings and trees are more secure than wooden deck surfaces.

Grill Pads

On decks, charcoal grills and smokers present an additional risk because embers frequently fall out of ash pans and land on the wood decking below unnoticed. Hot chimney starters can be carelessly placed on a wooden surface, or when the starter is put away, errant hot coal may erupt.

Setting the grill on a fire-resistant grill mat is one easy way to address these potential risks. They come in various sizes, and the bigger the mat, the more protection you get. 

How To Make Grilling On A Deck Less Risky

Grill Mats

Use a grill mat underneath the pit to shield your deck from blazing embers and tenacious grease stains. Look for a sturdy mat that is heavy enough to withstand wind and that extends a few inches past the grill’s edge. 

Drip Pans

Place a drip pan below the meat and on top of the coals when grilling fattier cuts or doing so quickly at a high temperature. Cleaning up will be simpler because a drip pan will catch any grease that drips. A potentially dangerous flare-up will also be avoided.

Safety Gates

Nothing brings people together more than a barbecue by the pool on a weekend. However, it’s crucial to keep curious hands and paws out of harm’s way when there are kids and animals present.

Install a safety gate to enclose the grill. For the ultimate adult-only oasis, place a rocking chair set and a chest of ice-cold beers inside that gate. 

High-quality Grill Brushes

Cheap cleaning tools are frequently shed, leaving shards of steel on the surface of your grill. Invest in a quality stainless steel cleaning brush to ensure that the food you’re eating is meat and not metal.

If you accidentally ingest these shreds, you risk getting cuts in your mouth or serious digestive system harm. To remove any stray fibers, wipe down all cooking surfaces after brushing the grate. 

Grilling Safety Tips

Keep Grill Grates Clean

Before and after each use, clean your grates of any flammable grease accumulation.  Unclean grills are one of the main causes of fires that occur when grilling today.

By using different types of fire-resistant grill mats or setting water or drip pans underneath the food, you can reduce the mess by preventing flammable grease from getting to and settling on your grill.

Open Lid Before Turning On Gas

Make sure to open the lid before turning on the gas.  If the valve is closed, an unsafe gas buildup may happen, which could delay the ignitor’s strike and cause an explosion.

If the ignitor is unable to ignite the grill quickly, gas can also accumulate. If this occurs to you, wait for the gas to clear for about five minutes before relighting.

Continue To Keep Flammable Items Away From The Grill

Avoid keeping anything that could catch fire close to the grill while you move around adding food to the grill or basting with a small brush. On a nearby ledge, stay away from placing items like paper towels or napkins. whenever possible, keep the 3-foot radius clear.

Utilize Two-zone Cooking Techniques

Consider using the two-zone cooking method when grilling to prevent potential flare-ups. While cooking on one side, keep the other side cool. If a flare-up occurs, move your food to the cool side and temporarily close the lead to give it time to go away.

Keep An Eye On The Weather

Depending on where you live, winds can suddenly pick up and catch you off guard. These winds have the potential to significantly fan the flames, setting nearby objects on fire. Wait for the wind to die down or acknowledge that grilling safely at that time is not an option.

Maintain Access To Extinguishers

To put out a fire if it gets out of control, keep at least one fire extinguisher close by at all times, or prepare your area by adding baking powder. Water frequently splashes grease and feeds the flames, so try to stay away from using it to put out fires.

Finish Up Safely

After you’ve finished grilling, turn off the gas, clean the grates, and shut the lid. Make sure everything is off and there is no fire risk by checking on it several times.

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