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How do you Hang Stuff on Brick Without Drilling?

Brick walls may be a wonderful addition to our houses, bringing much-needed texture. However, when it comes to hanging paintings or building bookcases, bricks might be tricky. Finally, learning how to hang items on brick walls without drilling is the easiest way to avoid a headache.

You may do this by either pushing your nails through the mortar between the bricks or just using glue. But what kind of glue might adhere to uneven, rough surfaces? You’re going to learn.

What Attacks Brick Walls?

As you may know, not much sticks to rough surfaces. Overall, if you want to put sticky hooks or double-sided tape on a brick wall, you should probably paint it beforehand. Even so, attempt to use heavy-duty adhesive materials.

The Gorilla heavy-duty double-sided mounting tape, for example, should be able to support around 60 pounds of weight. Furthermore, the material is weatherproof and should adhere well to brick and stone walls, among other things. Still, you might not want to use the tape’s maximum weight.

The majority of the goods we’ve mentioned come with simple instructions. Still, in case you need some assistance, we’ll go through how to hang objects on brick walls using brick clips and adhesive-based materials.

If that type of double-sided tape isn’t enough, try Velcro’s version. Simply attach a length of Velcro to the wall, with the appropriate tape running across the object to be hung, such as a framed portrait. In fact, if you’re constructing a picture gallery on your brick wall, this type of arrangement would allow you to rotate the frames as you see appropriate.

On the other hand, if all you need is a basic towel holder, an outdoor Command hook should suffice. Notably, particular device has the lowest weight capacity, letting you to hang goods weighing less than 3 pounds.

Even a single strip of Velcro should be able to support up to 15 pounds, so keep that in mind when selecting an adhesive.

If everything else fails, a liquid construction glue that can sink into all the nooks and crannies of your brick wall can be used.

How do you Hang Stuff on Brick Without Drilling?

Outdoor Brick Graded Double Sided Tape

Don’t worry if you’re looking for a double-sided tape to use outside! We’ve compiled a list of the best double-sided tape for use on brickwork outside!

1) Heavy Duty Gorilla Mounting Tape

It is a waterproof and long-lasting double-sided tape that is ideal for outdoor use. This heavy-duty tape can withstand weights of up to 30 pounds.

This heavy-duty double-sided mountain tape will make all of your DIY tasks easier! It is one of the most durable industrial-strength mountain tapes on the market.

This double-sided adhesive-coated tape is ideal for hanging items both indoors and outside. It is suitable for use on plastic, metal, wood, glass, and masonry.

2) Scotch Outdoor Mountain Tape Permanent

This product received several great reviews and delighted consumers.

If you want a hassle-free and durable bond to hang your items, this outdoor mountain tape should be at the top of your list.

It is weather resistant and can handle up to 15 pounds. It adheres firmly even on uneven surfaces and is ideal for usage outdoors.

This tape can be used in place of nails and screws. The strong permanent contact backs up whatever you wish to put on this tape.

It is simple to apply and leaves no residue or harm to the surface.

The main goal of this tape is to offer substantial support to anything you choose to use it for, and it is suited for outdoor use. It is best used on metal, plastic, or masonry.

3) EZLifego Heavy Duty Double Sided Tape

This translucent adhesive tape is strong and long-lasting. It comes in a packet of two rolls and is easily removed, leaving no residue behind.

It is incredibly adaptable and may be utilized both indoors and outdoors. It can support up to 18 pounds and is simple to disassemble without causing damage to the surface.

It is manufactured under stringent quality control and gives the convenience you want.

Make careful you use this tape on a clean surface and to measure the exact size of the area you wish to cover with it.

Before using it, stick it to the wall and take off the protective sheet. This tape is reusable; however, it must be washed before use.

4) T-REX Ferociously Strong Tape

This premium adhesive is UV resistant and may be used both inside and outdoors.

This waterproof tape is constructed of heavy-duty knit-cloth for long-lasting repairs and is designed specifically for use on bricks and concrete.

It is waterproof and performs well in both cold and hot conditions. Its woven scrim has a high tensile strength and durability.

Even the toughest surfaces are held together by the double-thick glue.

This tape is suitable for all sorts of people; whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors, it will cling even on hard and dusty surfaces.

Brick Clips that Grip Bricks

I mounted the morning glories and moon vines on the same wall using the following brick clips, connected the mounting board to the clips, and built the string trellis.

The vines’ growth is thick and has exceeded the height of the mounting board with brick clip mountings two months later.

I had several reservations, which I will discuss further below, but I deem this a great success.

The brick clip that holds the brick in place worked beautifully. It was simple to install as long as you understood and bought the correct size brick. Bricks come in a variety of sizes (who knew? It surprised me) and you will require the appropriate size. The mortar between the bricks must also have a squared-off lip to grasp. Bricks that have been painted and whose mortar has been rounded up to the brick’s edge will not hold properly.

When I began placing these clips, I was anxious. The clips looked to be clinging in such a narrow region that they might easily be pulled off if pressure is applied from the side or if you move away from the wall. It functioned perfectly if the pressure or weight came from below the clip. As you can see from the photos, these were supporting heavy tomato plants. Please ignore the photo with all the fruit but no leaves; this was shot after it had been dispersed by the tomato hornworm, as a result of my failure to keep an eye out for them. Look at the damage after only two days!

Regardless, the tomato plant was laden with leaves just a few days before, and being in Tennessee, there is wind and total downpours of rain to contend with. Not a problem!

As you can see, I have these ropes pushing down with the weight and pulling sideways down along the wall plane. There are no issues with either angle. This astonished and delighted me!

Brick Clips that Grip Mortar

Brick clips that hold into mortar can be used on a variety of brick sizes. If you neglect to measure your bricks before purchasing these brick clips at the shop, this is a huge benefit!

One challenge here is that your brick wall must have a distinct squared edge—almost the size of a pencil eraser—to retain the mortar without interference.

These clamps hold the mortar securely. The smaller size adds to the benefit and is ideal for your outside plants!

Hammerable Brick Clips

When you think about it, nail clips in brick walls are a brilliant concept, but when you attempt to do it properly, they are not!

When you try to insert a nail clip into a brick wall, it simply bends or refuses to move.

They may work fine on wood walls if you really want to use them, but they have no chance on brick walls.

Apply Adhesive and Clean the Area

Although certain adhesive materials, particularly liquid ones, should work well on brick walls, you may need to prepare the surface before using double-sided tape.

The dust and clay particles on the bricks, for example, might make adherence problematic. To avoid this, you should first clean the surface with soap and water. Of course, if you wanted to paint the bricks beforehand, the procedure would go much more smoothly. In any case, wait for the wall to dry before applying the glue.

The majority of the self-adhesive materials we’ve discussed should be straightforward to apply.

Simply peel the protective plastic off the sticky side and attach it wherever you want your products to hang. You should have no problems as long as you keep the weight capacity of the items in mind.

Brick hanging

How to Hang Heavy Items on Brick with Drilling

It’s usually easier to drill into the mortar than the brick since drilling into brick requires a lot of hard work and more time since it’s harder.

But drilling in the brick will give you the desired results if you want to hang heavy items on a brick wall.

Here a list of things you will need:

  • Hammer or a regular drill
  • 3/16th anchor screws
  • 5/32 masonry drill bit

Drilling Instructions:

  1. Use a Sharpie to mark the location on the block where you wish to drill.
  2. Drill into the brick with the masonry drill bit after leveling your drill machine.
  3. To get the necessary total size, maintain your drill machine straight. If you shift it around, the whole may become a bit too large for your screws.
  4. Don’t go too far into the brick. It should be the same width as your screws.
  5. Use a normal drill to screw in your anchor screw.

Bonus Tip: Brick clips have proven to be the most effective and efficient method of hanging large objects on brick walls. When all other choices have failed, this will be your best bet!

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