What Is The Best Time Of Year To Remove Moss From The Roof? How To Remove It?

What is the best time of year to remove moss from the roof? Moss can be an actual nuisance when it grows on your roof. Not solely can it make your roof seem ugly, however, it can additionally reason harm and make bigger the hazard of leaks. Removing moss from your roof is now not as handy as it sounds! Plus, with most roofs being upright vertical it can be difficult and very unstable especially if the prerequisites are bloodless and wet.

Factors That Affect Your Roofs Condition

There are two main reasons for soiled and moss-covered roofs:

-Excessive moisture that promotes moss, fungi, and microorganism growth

-Structural injury that approves water to seep below your shingles or tiles in the place the solar can’t attain (When there’s damage, we commonly endorse our restore offerings earlier than we smooth your roof.)

Here are a few of the most frequent motives for these issues:

Heavy Rainfall

Water that accumulates on your roof from rain creates the perfect wettish terrain for bacteria, moss, and fungi to thrive. After redundant stormy layoffs, you might notice a lot of further moss and fungus growth on your roof than usual.

The quantum of rain that falls on your roof has a big effect on when( and how frequently) you should get it gutted. , you can always communicate with us for a free examination and estimate, if you’re not sure whether your roof needs to be gutted or not.

Excessive Shade

Many Portland and Vancouver residences are nestled below the cowl of giant trees. Trees are lovely — they assist to maintain your domestic cool in the summertime and expand the price of your property. Unfortunately, they can additionally make it difficult for moisture to evaporate off your roof.

If your roof is in a shaded area, you’ll likely want a roof inspection and cleanings extra often.

Falling Leaves And Other Debris

Still, you may want to suppose about further frequent roof cleanings, If you frequently notice leaves or other debris from trees accumulating on your roof. Then’s why when leaves cover your roof, they also trap humidity, which makes it easier for moss, fungi, and bacteria to grow, which can also beget the development of leaks. As we know, redundant humidity equals bad news for roofs in the Pacific Northwest!

Other Factors

There are numerous other reasons you may need either further frequent roof cleanings or redundant roof conservation than normal.

Here are a few:

-A snowy downtime, when snow was on top of your roof for a long period of time

-An violent wind or hail storm that may have caused damage to your roof shingles, penstocks, or shakes

-Damage to your roof from a fallen tree or branch

-Any time you notice oohing, missing shingles, or other signs of damage

Whats The Best Time Of Year For a Roof Cleaning

The stylish time of time to remove moss from a roof is in the springtime! This is when moss is most active, absorbing water and sun, which means they will absorb moss killer sprays and other chemicals, making them far more effective.

Winter would be the worst time of time to remove moss from your roof simply because of the rainfall conditions and your safety!

You can, of course, remove the moss in the summer, but the problem then’s moss slows its growth in hot conditions and principally goes dormant. This means effects like chemical sprays won’t be as effective.

What Happens If You Leave Moss To Grow On Your Roof

Utmost roofs, anyhow of types and accouterments, will witness lichen or moss growth, and a small patch of growth is typically not an issue. still, once it develops into a bigger patch on your roof, also this is where it can be a huge issue.

Moss thrives in shady, damp conditions – and your roof can give the perfect terrain for it to grow.

It works like a sponger, which absorbs a lot of water and can lead to your roof always being wet and if the situations of humidity go underneath the pen-stocks, it can decay the factors of your roof.

Moss can also attract insects and catcalls that will break up the moss to be used for their nests which will scatter the moss to another corridor on the roof causing it to spread.

Tips For Removing Moss From Your Roof

Still, don’t solicitude – there are ways to get relieved of it, if you’ve noticed moss growing on your roof. Below are some tips on how to remove moss from your roof safely and effectively.

  1. Cover the ground around your home with a plastic tarp to avoid damaging your shops
  2. also you’ll need is a graduation that’s altitudinous enough to reach the top of your roof.
  3. Once you’re on top of the roof spot the entire roof with your chosen moss killer.
  4. Next, snare a bristle encounter so you can scrape at the mossy areas
  5. Also gently and mildly encounter and scrape down the dead moss
  6. When the roof is fully clear wash using a theater sock

Depending on the type of moss killer you’re using you may have to leave it for 15 twinkles or a couple of hours this varies. It’s vital to use the right defensive gear if you have decided to use chemicals.

Tools You Should Avoid Using On Your Roof

While these strategies would possibly be dependable and high-quality at removing moss from your roof, they can additionally reason harm to your tiles.

High-Pressure Water

This fashion can be extremely effective “ but ” clearly important enough to damage or break the glue in your shingles and lift up the roof pen-stocks.

Also, using a pressure washer on the roof can strip your asphalt shingles of the scrap face can affect the performance, and at the same time, destroy the color of your roof.

Any position of pressure washing can pose serious issues with your roofing, which include major leaks. So it’s stylish to avoid using a pressure washer or pressurized sluice of water on the roof.

Using Harsh Chemicals

In some cases, high attention to bleach, as well as other chemicals, can permanently harm your shingles, which improves the chance of oohing. Sad to say, not all ways available are proven to be safe, effective as well as dependable.

Still, you can consult an expert roofer in your area, If you’re mistrustful about the effectiveness or safety of the junking system of moss you like to try. A sprinkle of the roofer in your place where moss infections are common does concentrate on barring moss.

They might be suitable to carry out the job for you and, if not, might have suggestions on what your particular roof can gain from.


So now you know what’s the Stylish Time Of Year To Remove Moss From the Roof and how to remove the moss. It’s always stylish to keep your roof clean and free of moss.

As mentioned, leaving it to grow will beget problems and also weaken your roof which will lead to leaks which is the last thing you want especially in the downtime.

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