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TruGreen Reviews: Is It Right for You?

After reading our review of TruGreen, you can decide if this is the company that will best serve your needs.

National lawn care provider TruGreen provides a variety of services. Customers looking for a lawn care provider with top-notch tools, a practical mobile app, a variety of plans, and years of experience may find this provider to be a great option.

But how do the TruGreen lawn company’s services compare to those of the rivals, and is the service worthwhile paying for? In order for homeowners to decide which of the company’s lawn-care plans is best for them and, if so, which one, this TruGreen review will examine the company’s ins and outs.

About TruGreen

National lawn care provider TruGreen provides a variety of services. This provider may be a fantastic choice for customers looking for a lawn care company with top-notch tools, a handy mobile app, a variety of plans, and years of experience.

The best lawn care services across the country have been identified after more than 100 hours of research by the This Old House Reviews Team. We thoroughly investigated TruGreen to look at customer service, plan options, industry reputation, and even technician training procedures.

Pros and Cons of TruGreen


  • 48 states and Washington, D.C. are included in the extensive coverage area.
  • Wide range of service plans that fit most needs
  • Straightforward instant quote, booking, and online payment systems
  • Easy-to-use mobile app for scheduling services
  • Comprehensive online library of lawn-care resources


  • Lawn mowing service not offered
  • Unclear guarantee information
  • No option to cancel annual plans online
  • Mosquito Defense product ingredients could potentially be harmful to pollinators
  • A relatively large number of negative online reviews
trugreen reviews

What Plans and Services Does TruGreen Offer?

To meet the needs of a wide range of homeowners, TruGreen offers five different lawn care packages. There are five different types of plans: TruHealth, TruComplete, TruSignature, TruNatural, and TruMaintenance.

The business also provides services for soil amendment, grub control, mosquito control, lawn disease, tree and shrub, and customers who prefer to choose one-off treatments.

The five TruGreen lawn service plans include the following services:

  • TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan: Pre-emergent weed control, healthy lawn analysis, and targeted weed control.
  • TruHealth Lawn Care Plan: Pre-emergent and targeted weed control, fertilization, healthy lawn analysis, grub prevention, and control.
  • TruComplete Lawn Care Plan: Pre-emergent and targeted weed control, fertilization, healthy lawn analysis, grub prevention, and control, overseeding, and aeration.
  • TruSignature Lawn Care Plan: Pre-emergent and targeted weed control, grub prevention and control, overseeding, aeration, tree and shrub care, and healthy lawn analysis are all included.
  • TruNatural Lawn Care Plan: Analysis of a healthy lawn and organic fertilization

Given that it includes almost all TruGreen services with the exception of tree and shrub care, TruGreen claims that its TruComplete plan provides the best value. This makes it a choice that many homeowners find meets their needs.

Customers who don’t require all of the services offered by this plan can choose TruHealth or TruMaintenance in order to save money.

Since TruSignature includes tree and shrub care, customers who want the full range of services are likely to choose it. As a result, the homeowner won’t have to worry about the majority, if not all, aspects of yard care, with the exception of mowing.

The TruNatural plan, which uses 100 percent natural fertilizer with little environmental impact, is an option for customers who are eco-conscious and don’t want to use a chemical application.

For customers who don’t need all of the services included in the annual plans, TruGreen offers a variety of stand-alone services, including the following:

trugreen reviews
  • Lawn overseeding service
  • Lawn aeration services
  • Lawn disease services
  • Lawn fertilization services
  • TruGreen mosquito defense
  • Perimeter pest control
  • Grub control and prevention
  • Weed control
  • Soil amendment and analysis services
  • Tree and shrub services

TruGreen plans, unlike many other lawn-care services, do not include mowing; therefore, customers must either mow their own lawns or hire a professional to do it for them. Customers who no longer want to use TruGreen services must ask to have their agreement canceled because the services renew automatically each year.

The Price of TruGreen

TruGreen, like the majority of lawn care providers, doesn’t post the price of each of its individual services online. Generally, the cost of lawn care services varies based on several factors:

  • The size of your lawn: A bigger lawn will cost you more because it will require more materials and labor.
  • The condition of your lawn when services begin: There will be a lower overall cost because a well-kept lawn will need fewer initial treatments.
  • The area you live in: Some areas of the nation may charge a higher price for services than others.
  • The services you choose: A la carte services will raise the price of the package, and some plans are more expensive than others.

A roughly half-acre lawn in the South would cost:

  • TruComplete Lawn Care Plan, no overseeding: $1,000
  • TruComplete Lawn Care Plan, with overseeding: $1,200
  • TruSignature Lawn Care Plan, no overseeding: $1,300
  • TruSignature Lawn Care Plan, with overseeding: $1,500
  • TruHealth Lawn Care Plan: $730
  • TruMaintenance Lawn Care Plan: $640
  • TruNatural Lawn Care Plan: $1,300

But if you fill out this free form or call 1-866-817-2287, TruGreen will provide you with tailored quotes.

trugreen reviews

Customer Service and Support

Calling or submitting an online form are the two primary ways prospective customers can get in touch with TruGreen customer service. Existing customers can also get in touch with TruGreen using one of these channels, but the live chat feature in the TruGreen app may be more efficient.

Through the company’s mobile app, registered TruGreen clients can access a variety of services. The app allows users to view account history and status, schedule services, monitor service technicians, pay bills and manage upcoming TruGreen payments, buy extra services or plans, and live chat with a customer service agent.

Customers can add or remove payment methods, manage or modify their current payment options, and sign up for paperless billing or monthly billing via the app.

Additionally, they can give feedback on their experiences so that TruGreen franchises can make sure their specialists are performing their duties properly and can learn about any potential problems.

Due to the restrictions on cancellation options, customers who wish to cancel their service must contact TruGreen directly and provide identification verification in order for the cancellation to be processed. Customers cannot currently cancel their plans on the TruGreen website or mobile application.

Customers Reviews

trugreen reviews

TruGreen is one of the most well-known companies in the sector and one of the most accessible lawn care providers in the nation. Although most of its BBB reviews are positive, the quality of service may vary depending on where you are.

Despite having many happy clients, even the top lawn care companies occasionally receive bad reviews.

BBB reviewers assert that they have not noticed any results, and some claim that after requesting a TruGreen quote, they received an abnormally high volume of calls and texts.

Trustpilot reviews are also mixed, with some customers calling their TruGreen service “terrific” and claiming excellent results with their lawns, and others reporting their lawns developing bare spots and weeds after their TruGreen treatment.

Additionally, there are a variety of reviews on Consumer Affairs, with some clients stating that TruGreen improved their yard and that the lawn care professionals were very knowledgeable. Following the use of TruGreen’s services, other clients complained of accelerated weed growth and inconsistent client support.

Trugreen has relatively low ratings, but prospective customers are advised to consider each review individually.

  • BBB: 1.09 out of 5
  • Trustpilot: 1.7 out of 5
  • Consumer Affairs: 1.1 out of 5

It is normal for a company like TruGreen, which has a nationwide presence, to have some unhappy clients. If a homeowner is considering TruGreen services, they might want to talk to their neighbors directly or through a community organization to find out if any of them have used and would suggest their neighborhood TruGreen branch.

This may be a more accurate and realistic illustration of what to anticipate.

Conclusion: is TruGreen Worth It?

The array of services offered by TruGreen spans the full range of lawn care, with choices ranging from straightforward maintenance to more involved pest control and lawn recovery services. We believe that TruGreen’s services and reputation in the industry if you can afford the monthly cost, are a good option for a great lawn.

Now, after reading this review, you can decide whether to hire this company.

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