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Can You Hit Dabs Off Wax Paper? How?

One of the most frequently used materials when it comes to wrapping fresh goods is wax paper. We are going to teach you how to hit dabs off wax paper in simple ways.

How to remove dabs from wax paper is a question that dabbers frequently ask. Using your fingernails is the best way to remove wax paper from a dab. Please carefully read this article if you would like to learn more about hitting dabs off wax paper.

Methods On How To Get Dabs Off Wax Paper

Pull Dabs With Fingernails

The best way to remove wax paper from a dab is with your fingernails. Start at the edge of the dot and push down, pulling back with your fingers. If it’s simpler for you to do so, you can also use a piece of wax paper or any other non-stick surface.

If all else fails and you are unable to get your concentrates off of non-stick surfaces, you can always use rubbing alcohol and dish soap to get rid of sticky things.

Use Wax Paper Or Other Non-stick Surface

Try using wax paper or any other non-stick surface if the method of using your fingernails isn’t working for you. There is no possibility of scratching the glass or your dab tool with this technique, which is a benefit. In the event that all else fails, you can also try using a blowtorch to assist you in starting it! 

Use Rubbing Alcohol

If you have too much concentrate stuck to your dab tool, you can always use rubbing alcohol instead of a solvent. Just let the dab sit in the rubbing alcohol for 20 minutes. Gentle scrubbing with a toothbrush helps remove dabs from metal and glass! All of your dab tools must have a solvent, such as acetone.

can you hit dabs off wax paper

(If you don’t already have it, take a look at our top picks right here.) We suggest a mixture of 99% isopropyl alcohol and 70% ethanol if you only want to use one solvent in your toolbox. No residue will be left behind because they have no smell and no color.

Use Dish Soap On Sticky Glass

Dish soap can be used to clean glass surfaces that have a lot of wax paper residue stuck to them. In a bowl, combine some warm, soapy water, and soak the jar for 15 minutes. You may need to repeat this process several times to get it off of acrylic.

Put your glassware in a bowl of white vinegar-infused water and soak it for a few minutes after you’ve cleaned it of wax paper and other sticky residues. That last bit of wax residue will be removed by the acidic properties of the vinegar. Rinse the glasses well and dry with a clean towel.

Use Dish Soap On Metal

Try dish soap as well if the dabs are particularly resistant to removal. Make sure to mix it with warm water first, and if the wax paper won’t come off after a few tries, repeat this procedure until all of the wax paper has been eliminated.

Use a banger hanger or nail protector to keep the surface clean if you’re having trouble getting dabs off your banger or nail.

Any type of banger or nail can be used with the same procedures. Take care of your rig; it will continue to give you the smoothest, cleanest hits possible!

Use Isopropyl Alcohol

It’s time to use isopropyl alcohol to remove your wax paper from metal and acrylic after trying dish soap unsuccessfully several times. Give your dab a few sprays of the alcohol, then wait 15 minutes.

As a last resort, you may need to scrub with an abrasive pad to break up the residue.

can you hit dabs off wax paper

Apply Toothpaste To The Residue

Use toothpaste to clean your nail hangers if you notice any wax paper stains there. Simply apply toothpaste to the nail and leave it alone for 10 minutes. Your dabs will be cleaned once more after you rinse with water to get the toothpaste off! If you prefer baking soda’s natural scent to toothpaste’s minty one, you can also give it a try. 

Use Dish Detergent

Dish detergent can help get rid of any wax paper residue you may find on your bangers or nails. In a bowl, prepare some soapy water, and soak the dab for 30 minutes. To completely remove the soap, follow that with a warm water rinse.

We’ll clean up your dabs once more! If you prefer laundry detergent to dish detergent, you can use that instead. You can now enjoy your concentrates without being concerned about how they will impact your nails or bangers because you know how to get rid of wax paper residue.

Use Abrasive Pads

If you’re having trouble removing dabs from metal or acrylic, you can try using an abrasive pad or a nail file to help remove the residue. It might take some time and work to get them off, but it is doable!

For assistance with removal, you can also buy a nail buffer. Just make sure that it is not one that you would use on acrylic nails, as the product could damage the surface of your nail.

Use Boiling Water

You can always use boiling water to get your dab off the banger if nothing else seems to work! This method can be dangerous, as you’re dealing with extremely hot temperatures so make sure to exercise extreme caution when trying this method.

Fill a pot with water and bring the water to a boil. Put your dab in the pot for 10 to 20 seconds once it has reached boiling. The heat will loosen up all of the wax paper residues, so you can easily wipe or wash them away!

can you hit dabs off wax paper

Tips On Getting Dabs Off Wax Paper

  • If you spill it, give it some time to sit on the wax paper. If you have some room-temperature water on hand to soak your dab in before scraping it off, it will harden up and be much simpler.
  • It’s best to avoid smoking right before eating or dabbing because the munchies from smoking weed can make it difficult to resist taking another tiny hit.
  • Take a nap for a while with some loud music or a movie on in the background, and your dab will be solid by the time you wake up.
  • Scrape it quickly if all else fails. Since this can get messy, it’s best to do it while wearing gloves. I advise using a razor blade or another type of scraping tool rather than your finger. If you scrape quickly in a single motion as opposed to attempting to pick at it, you’ll be fine.
  • Use a dab tool with a sharp point to dig it out. If your dab tool doesn’t have one, you can easily make one by holding the tip of a paperclip over a flame for about 5 seconds. You want to ensure that it remains straight when you bend the wire.

About Wax Paper

Wax paper is coated with two types of wax. The first is paraffin, a colorless wax that is created as a byproduct of the production of petroleum. The second is organic wax, usually harvested from beeswax.

Wax paper won’t be toxic whether it is melted, burned, or submerged in ice water. There are times when it might burn if hot food is wrapped up in it for too long, and the resultant smoke might not be pleasant to inhale, but it is still non-toxic.

Typically, wax paper isn’t meant to be eaten. The body simply won’t digest it after consumption, pushing it out the other end with the rest of the waste.

Wax paper may not taste good if you accidentally eat some of it, but you won’t get sick or experience any digestive problems as a result.

If a larger amount of wax paper is eaten, you can also not expect to suffer from any serious consequences. To make sure there isn’t any internal damage, you should probably make an appointment with a doctor.

Pros And Cons Of Wax Paper

Now that it has been established that wax paper is non-toxic, let’s examine some of the causes of its initial use.

Danish pastries and other dry foods like them stick to the display surface better when the wax paper is used for display purposes. Due to its ability to keep cakes moist and lower the risk of crumbs, it is also used to wrap food.

Additionally, wax paper can be used to wrap sweets like fudge to keep them from sticking together, especially when stored in the freezer.

Wax paper shouldn’t go in the oven, though, for the simple reason that it tends to melt at high pressures. In addition, wax can melt when it comes into contact with hot foods, which, as was already mentioned, increases the risk of ingestion.

can you hit dabs off wax paper

How To Store Wax Paper?

Wax paper should ideally be stored in a cabinet at room temperature. Wax paper can also be placed in the refrigerator without the chemical composition changing.

Though freezer paper may be preferable because it has a plastic coating on one side, wax paper can also be frozen.

For instance, if you keep meat wrapped in wax paper for a few months, you might get a freezer burn. But for up to a year, you can safely store meat that has been wrapped in freezer paper.


You should use wax paper to display your meats or baked goods because it can be a very practical item for food storage. If it’s simpler for you to do so, you can use a piece of wax paper or any other non-stick surface.

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