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8 Best Shower Curtain Liners in 2022

A shower curtain and liner are necessary if your shower does not have a door. A shower curtain and liner keep water inside your shower while adding style and privacy. Even though this is a product that frequently lacks variety, you should still do some research before making a purchase.

Eight of the top shower curtain liners in terms of quality, price, size, and style are included in this list. Hope you locate the best one for your needs.

Best Shower Curtain Liners

Best Overall: Quiet Town the Sun Shower Curtain

Quiet Town the Sun Shower Curtain


  • High-quality material resists nicks, and discoloration, and doesn’t stick to the shower
  • Clear colors and rounded edges add a touch of design
  • Easy to clean
  • Weighted edges and bottom improve the drape


  • Expensive

The Quiet Town The Sun Shower liner has a higher visual and tactile quality than any other vinyl or plastic liner we tested, and it received perfect ratings for design, toughness, cleaning simplicity, and overall value.

Its 12-gauge EVA is heavily draped and prevents sticking in the shower. We also liked how clear the color of the liner was; when it comes time to clean it, just wipe it down to remove soap or water stains, and it will return to being beautifully clear.

Many plastic liners develop clouds where they get nicks or creases, but the Quiet Town didn’t crease and remained clear throughout use. The rust-resistant brass grommets are simple to fit over curtain rings and don’t require any special tools. The bottom of the liner is given weight by two additional grommets, one at each of the bottom corners, which keeps it in place while in use.

There are four transparent colors available for this eyeliner. We tried pink, and while it is attractive, we would probably choose the clear one. We would also be happy to use the Quiet Town liner with a fabric curtain for added privacy.

Best Budget: Gorilla Grip PEVA Heavy Duty Shower Curtain Liner

Gorilla Grip PEVA Heavy Duty Shower Curtain Liner


  • Thick, heavy liner
  • Weighted bottom helps maintain position and drape
  • Dries quickly
  • Reinforced grommets add durability


  • Clouds at tight creases

The Gorilla Grip liner is easy to use thanks to its high-quality EVA material and reinforced grommets. We tested it and discovered that it is water-resistant and dries quickly. It receives a 5 for overall value because it is significantly thicker and more robust than the price would imply. Although there was some light scrubbing required, the EVA cleans roughly like any other plastic.

The Gorilla Grip liner’s only drawback, in our opinion, is that it can cloud if it is pinched; in a few minor instances, you could tell where it had been bumped because of the marks it had left behind. This type of liner is not intended to be used by itself. Because it’s intended to be more functional than decorative, we advise pairing it with a curtain.

Best Splurge: Bathage Modern Stripe Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain and Liner

Bathage Modern Stripe Waterproof Fabric Shower Curtain and Liner


  • High-quality with classic design
  • Lays flat, leaving lots of room in the shower
  • Lets a good amount of light through while remaining opaque
  • Fabric-weighted bottom rather than visible magnets


  • Expensive

A curtain and a liner are combined in the Bathate Shower Curtain and Liner. It is made of polyester with a water- and microbial-resistant coating applied. The coating makes the interior of the liner feel smooth. The coating didn’t come off, though, and made it simple for water and soap to easily slide off the liner during washing.

The amount of light that this shower liner let into the shower while remaining opaque enough to provide privacy in a shared bathroom was something we really liked. The Bathage is offered in a variety of styles and hues. The sea glass blue underwent a test.

We gave the drape 5 stars along with the design and cleaning ease. The fabric’s high quality, this liner’s timeless appearance, and its water-repellent capabilities are all difficult to match.

Best Hookless: Hookless Escape Fabric Shower Curtain and Liner Set

Hookless Escape Fabric Shower Curtain and Liner Set


  • Easy installation
  • Unique but practical design
  • Attractive design elements—sheer upper panel and ribbon accents
  • Removable, washable split liner


  • Specialty replacement liner

One of our favorites because of its distinctive and useful design was this liner and curtain set. The hookless design doesn’t appear hookless like some other alternatives. The big grommets are split, but after installation, you can’t tell where they split.

Under a sheer panel, a detachable liner snaps onto the curtain. When it’s time to wash, you take out the panel but keep the curtain. When the curtain needs to be washed, there’s no need to remove it entirely.

The Hookless Escape has four accent ribbons woven into the curtain to add a touch of style. We adored the sheer top panel because it allowed more steam to escape and allowed you to peek through the curtain to observe anything happening in the bathroom.

The inner liner needs to be replaced, so you’ll need to order a new one from the manufacturer. That was the only drawback we could find.

Best Fabric: Titan Waterproof Premium Fabric Shower Curtain/Liner

Titan Waterproof Premium Fabric Shower Curtain Liner


  • Powerful, water-resistant coating
  • Classic striped design
  • Nice drape and weight
  • Functions as a curtain or liner


  • Gets very wet in the washing machine

The Titan Fabric Curtain Liner has a robust water-resistant coating that improves watershed and speeds up drying. The design enables you to use this particular model as a curtain or a liner. We tried the white, which is opaque enough that you don’t need a second curtain unless you want one for decorative reasons.

The polyester fabric has a nice drape and weight without sticking to the shower, and the Titan is kept in place by a weighted bottom. The only aspect of this liner that we didn’t like was the way it clung to the water in the washing machine.

Despite going through a lengthy spin cycle, it emerged dripping wet. Fortunately, it dries quickly after being hung, so it still received a 4 out of 5 for cleaning simplicity.

Best for Heavy Use: Arichomy Shower Curtain Liner

Arichomy Shower Curtain Liner


  • Very easy to install
  • The bottom is stabilized by magnets
  • Repels mold and mildew


  • Not machine washable
  • Durability was disappointing

Shower curtain liners can become damaged from daily showers. Arichomy’s shower curtain liner might be a good option for people who frequently use the shower. Compared to typical PEVA liners, this liner is more durable because it is made entirely of PVC-free EVA material.

However, we discovered through testing that it is not as resilient as we had hoped. This might not be the best option for homes with kids who may pull on the curtain, as we were able to rip it with our hands.

The 72-inch-long by 72-inch-wide liner is water-repellent and magnetized at the bottom to stabilize it, preventing splashes and obstructing the tub or shower.

The sturdy EVA material is designed to fend off mold and mildew. Naturally, leaving it extended (closed) each day will enable it to dry, and routinely wiping the liner with a clean cloth or towel can increase the length of its mildew-free life. It is unsafe to machine wash this curtain liner.

Best Demi-Size: Mrs. Awesome Small Stall Shower Curtain Liner

Mrs. Awesome Small Stall Shower Curtain Liner


  • Mildew-resistant
  • Stabilizing bottom hem magnets
  • Rust-resistant metal grommets
  • Durable


  • Not machine washable
  • Somewhat unique texture

Mrs. Awesome’s shower curtains shine because they can be used with curtain liners of unusual sizes. Sizes for these shower curtain liners range from 72 inches long by 32 inches wide—a good size for RV bathrooms and small shower stalls—up to an extra-large 180 inches long by 70 inches wide to surround a tub.

These sizes can be challenging to find, as anyone who has a shower, stall, or tub that is an unusual size can attest.

The Mrs. Awesome shower curtain liners are constructed of PVC-free PEVA material that is waterproof and mildew-resistant. To avoid spills, trips, and slips, encased magnets at the bottom hem (especially helpful in cast-iron tubs) hold the curtain in place.

To increase the lifespan of the curtain liner, the header is strengthened with rust-resistant metal grommets. In order to keep the curtain spotless, it is advised that you wipe it down with a clean cloth.

Best Mildew-Resistant: Liba 8G Mildew-Resistant Shower Curtain Liner

Liba 8G Mildew-Resistant Shower Curtain Liner


  • Proprietary mildew treatment
  • Inhibits odors
  • Rust-proof metal grommets
  • Slick texture promotes water runoff
  • Reinforced grommets


  • Some customers complaints about quality and feel
  • Chemical caused the tester to itch

The manufacturer of Liba’s liner claims that it has a proprietary mildew treatment embedded in the material that inhibits growth four times longer than other liners. The active component also reduces odor, so the shower should always look and smell fresh.

Due to the ultra-smooth surface of the liner, beads can easily slide down to the shower floor while also being water-repellent. Twelve rust-proof metal grommets at the top and a strengthened header guard against tearing maintain the liner’s functionality over time.

A standard 72-inch long by 72-inch wide size is one of three available Liba 8G liner sizes. Additionally, it provides the option of white polyester fabric, clear, frosted, or PEVA fabric with the same anti-mildew characteristics.

Buying Guide for Shower Curtain Liners

When buying a shower curtain liner, there are a few considerations to make. The three things to think about first should be the material, look, and feel. Next are the weight, thickness, and maintenance requirements.

Let’s talk about all the elements that go into making a great shower curtain liner and a wonderful showering experience.


Shower curtain liners are typically made of water-repellent materials like polyester (for fabric liners) and plastic, most frequently polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA) and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA).

These materials are all strong and water-resistant, so they will all do the job of preventing water from dripping from your shower and onto the floor. There are important distinctions, though, that buyers should be aware of.

Compared to PVC, a different kind of plastic frequently used in shower curtains, PEVA and EVA are chlorine-free and have much lower levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

It is best to stick with PEVA or EVA shower curtain liners if you want a plastic shower curtain liner. Choose a polyester liner if you want to completely avoid VOCs and plastic.


Due to the fact that the shower curtain liner tends to gravitate and stick toward you while you’re in the shower, weight is also crucial for shower curtain liners. Purchasing a thicker, heavier shower curtain liner or one that has weights at the bottom to keep the liner in place is the best way to solve this annoyance.

best shower curtain liner

Check the gauge to see how thick a liner is if it doesn’t have those tiny weights. Shower curtains with gauges lower than four tend to be flimsy, while those with gauges higher than eight tend to be thick. The thickest and heaviest gauges available are those with a 10 or higher rating.


Although 72 x 72 inches is the typical size for a shower curtain liner, other sizes are also offered. The best thing to do before purchasing is to measure your shower from the bottom of the shower to the height of the bar that will hold the curtain liner.

A long shower curtain won’t dry as quickly and there’s a chance you’ll trip over it while taking a shower. It won’t be as effective at keeping the water inside your shower or shower/tub combination if it’s too short.


The ability to toss a polyester shower curtain in the washer and dryer when it gets soiled is one of its biggest advantages. Unless otherwise specified on the care label for your liner, you can occasionally wash your plastic shower curtain liner in the washing machine, but hand washing is probably preferable.

If you choose to do that, put the liner in the washing machine with some baking soda and one to two towels to prevent the plastic from wrinkling up while it is being washed.

If you hand wash, you can make a DIY spray solution out of baking soda and vinegar, or, for a deeper clean, use an enzyme stain remover spray or soak it in an oxygen whitener.


shower curtains are generally clear or white. The majority of PEVA or EVA liners are transparent, but some have textures or opaque patterns to guarantee privacy. In the event that you prefer a different shade for your shower curtain liner.

The best choice for your bathroom is a polyester liner, which is easily accessible in a variety of color shades. Whatever you decide, your bathroom’s bathroom decor should flow into the shower curtain liner.

best shower curtain liner


Can You Use a Shower Curtain Liner Without a Curtain?

Yes, you can, especially since most liners are transparent; adding a shower curtain serves both aesthetic and privacy purposes. A lot of contemporary liners, particularly those that are vibrant or have patterns, are designed to be used alone.

Simply make sure your liner is dry before hanging it outside the tub if your bathroom has a tub/shower combination.

Can I Use a Shower Curtain Without the Liner?

The shower curtain can be used without the liner, but it is not advised. especially if you have a decorative shower curtain that is not waterproof.

In order to protect your shower curtain from potential problems like mold, mildew, stains, and soap scums, you should use a liner. However, a shower curtain liner can be used as just the curtain.

What is the Difference Between a Shower Curtain and a Shower Liner?

Keeping outside of a tub or shower stall, a shower curtain offers privacy, might complement decor and is stationary. In contrast, a liner that fits inside the tub or stall prevents water from dripping onto the ground.

Conclusion: Choose the One Your Prefer

The majority of shower curtains today are very effective at doing their job, which is to keep moisture inside the shower. You can choose any if that is your only requirement.

But if you want to buy something that you want to last a long time, you must take into account the aforementioned factors, which are materials, durability, weight, ease of cleaning, and hanging styles.

Because they are supple, quiet, and machine washable, fabric shower curtains are a good option. The best materials are PEVA and EVA because they are completely water-resistant and non-toxic.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends if it truly helped you select the best shower curtain liner for your bathroom.

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